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Horses to Hometowns, Proven Leader for Buda

 Oxbow resident, Linda Costley, announced her campaign for the Buda City Council last week.  The daughter of a career officer in the US Army, Costley traveled all over the world.  A graduate of Texas Tech, she cites her extensive experience in working with Texas economic development programs as a plus to helping Buda plan for its growth needs.

 “Owning a business that helps communities receive grants for economic development and job creation is rewarding to me.  I believe Buda is at a crossroads and through better planning can take advantage of monies available to help Buda keep its small-town charm,” stated Costley. 

Costley, 47, has owned the Institute for Finance and Economic Development for twelve years.  The company helps cities and counties apply for state and federal loans and grants for economic development.  She also helps small businesses apply for monies available from the Small Business Administration and Texas Agriculture Finance Authority. 

 “Buda passed a one-half cent sales tax last year that is dedicated to economic development.  We can use that money to leverage federal and state monies that can be used to enhance our quality of life.  We can recruit good, clean industry to the area so that homeowners are not saddled with paying more of the taxes to support roads, parks and future law enforcement.  I want to help Buda bring good business to the area at the same time make certain we protect our water supply and provide the services our citizens demand.” 

In addition to economic development and planning issues, Costley believes the Buda City Council should adopt more formal rules and procedures.  “It alarms me that when I attend City Council meetings, it seems that the decisions are already made before anyone walks in.  We need a City Council where people don’t feel intimidated to come before their government.  After all, we work for the people—not the other way around,” stated Costley.

 Another of Costley’s concerns seems to be the runaway costs and spending by the City Council.  For example, the original estimate for the City Hall addition has jumped from $500,000 to over $1 Million.  “Over five hundred thousand dollars in cost overruns is a lot of money – too much money.   In discussion with citizens, they have expressed a strong opinion to look at other alternatives that are more cost effective, possibly moving the already cramped City Hall and Library to a new location,” said Costley.  Costley maintains that the City leaders have a responsibility to be good stewards and ensure that our taxpayer dollars are being used in the best possible way.

 An avid horseman, Costley has an affinity for animals and owns several appaloosa horses.  An experienced rider and showman, she has had numerous qualifiers to the World Champion Appaloosa Horse Show and has owned one World Champion.  “Horses are more than my hobby.  I love being outdoors and working with animals.”

 A single mother of two children, Costley proves that women can be good business owners and also be conscientious, caring parents.  I have a twelve-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter.  “Raising my children is very rewarding and I want them to grow up in a community that we can all call home.  I also want them to have a job and a home to come back to when they are finished with their educations.”

 This is Costley’s first run for public office.  She cites local accountability and more open government as her main reasons for running for office.

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